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Product Snapshot

6HP Air - Cooled Pumpset
[Product Code : 20.1223]

Engine Type:
Vertical, Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Four Stroke Cycle,
Compression Ignition Diesel Engine

Technical Specification

No.of Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke (mm) 87.5 X 110
Cubic Capacity (Ltr) 0.662
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Rated Output as per IS :11170 kW(hp) 4.42(6)
Rated Speed rpm 1500
Specific Fuel Capacity (SFC) (gm/hp-hr) 195 +5%
Lub Oil Consumption 8% of SFC
Lub Oil Sump Capacity (Ltr) 3.7 at higher level
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltr) 6.5
Physical dimensions oof bare engine
(Length X Width X Height)
(mm) 531 X 546 X 856
Engine Weight (dry)
with all fittings excluding packaging
(kg) 163
Rotation while looking at the flywheel Clockwise
Power Take-off Flywheel end.
Starting Hand Start
Governing Class"B1"
Combustion Direct Injection
Overloading capacity of engine 10% of the rated output
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