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15KVA - 20KVA Diesel Generator


Watts of Control: Control at your fingertips

KOEL Chotta Chili Gensets put the command in your hands through microprocessor powered Genset controllers. These feature packed controllers offer best-in- class onitoring and diagnostic facilities. In-built AMF capability ensures automatic power transfer from grid to Genset and vice vversa. You can even connect the Genset with your desktop through RS485 port.

Frequency : 50 Hz
Governing class (As per ISO 8528 Part-V) : G2
Noise level : < 75
Fuel tank capacity : 65 Ltrs
Rated Speed : 1500 RPM
Lube Oil Change Period : 500 Hrs
Insulation : Class H
Max Time to build up rated voltage at Rated RPM : <5 sec provided engine reach the rated speed


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